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    Important Dates

    • UPDATED: April 22nd - Boys Tryouts
    • May 6th - Top Select Banquet

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    Top Select College Commitments 2017-18!

    • Blake Hollis - Cornell University
    • Briana Holmes - Samford University
    • Burgundy Walters - Jacksonville University
    • Cassie Kamien - St. Leo University
    • Claire Meier - Wofford
    • Jonathan Jaques - Emmanuel College
    • Amanda Falck - University of Miami
    • Evan Reich - Cornell University

    • Grace Ryan - Arkansas
    • Johnna Shamley - Holy Cross
    • Lauren Davis - Texas A&M
    • Makala Heidelberg - Tulane University
    • Naomi Cabello - University of Texas
    • Gabrielle Shacoski - United States Naval Academy

    • Rajini Fitzmaurice - High Point University
    • Reilly Coombs - Simmons College
    • Shannon Crenshaw - Washington University
    • Sydney Ellis - Embry Riddle
    • Jillian Thompson - University of Houston
    • Jordyn Stiger - Southeastern University

    Choosing Top Select

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    We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative simply by asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region Volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352)-742-0080.

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    Friday 12pm-5:30pm
    Saturday-Sunday CLOSED

    407-242-3498 - 1101 N Keller Rd. Orlando, Florida 32810