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Train 2 Play



WHAT IS Train 2 Play?

Train 2 Play is a developmental volleyball program geared towards girls 11-14 years old who are  interested in learning the fundamental skills of volleyball  and understanding overall team concepts. The program consists of 10 weeks of training that will be broken down into two parts: 4 weeks of learning the  fundamentals of volleyball followed by 6 weeks of training and competition while reinforcing the skills the athletes have learned.  There will also be an end of the program championship!   

Our Train 2 Play program starts in JANUARY and runs for 10 weeks  and finishes in MARCH for athletes 11-14 years old. 

  • Tuesday / Thursday 5:30-7pm

  • Starts JANUARY 5TH  and continues through MARCH 11TH

  • $300

  • Beginners ages 11-14 years old

  • Players will receive a t-shirt to wear to practice. 

  • AAU Membership required

  • 10 weeks of training

    • Week 1-4: Train / Scrimmages

    • Understanding how to compete

    • Rules

    • Fundamentals

    • Week 5-9: Train Tuesday / Compete Thursday

    • Week 10: Championship

    • Max. 36

The teams play and experience game like competition. We love this part of our academy because we are excited to introduce these athletes to the sport of volleyball.  We hope to foster a lifelong love of this amazing sport. 

*Train 2 Play is one of our entry level programs at Top Select Volleyball Academy and our youngest teams have gone on to prove the success of these programs:

  • Placed 1st in qualifiers
  • Placed top 3 in almost every qualifier
  • Placed top 2 in almost every state tournament.

Our developmental  programs play a huge role in creating a solid foundation for our athletes!