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Regular Club Season Information

2023-2024 Regular Season Club Tryouts



July 7th / PM


July 8th / AM


July 8th / PM


July 9th / AM


July 9th / PM


July 10th / PM

17U & 18U

August 26th 10U & 11U


Registration: $90.00  ($75.00 before July 5th for regular season 13 and UP / Aug. 3rd for 12U and Sept 15th for 10 - 11Under).

Age Definition

18U- Players who were born on or after July 1, 2005

17U- Players who were born on or after July 1, 2006

16U- Players who were born on or after July 1, 2007

15U- Players who were born on or after July 1, 2008

14U- Players who were born on or after July 1, 2009

13U- Players who were born on or after July 1, 2010

12U- Players who were born on or after July 1, 2011 

Top Select offers club season for girls ages 10 -18 in our facilities in Orlando area. Club Season runs from November to June and practices are twice a week*/two hours (either 5:30 or 7:30pm) and eight to ten tournaments schedule. 

*Elite teams practice three times a week when tournaments schedules allow

Team Levels

In order to meet the needs of the community, we offer several levels of instruction within our organization. We offer teams that compete at the local, state, and national level for the club season. Although a strong focus of our program will be to offer the training required to play at the college level, we want to share our love of the game with all interested players, from the beginner to the elite athlete. We will provide every player the opportunity to reach his or her personal goals involving the sport of volleyball, whether it is to play at the collegiate level, improve as a high school player, or achieve a higher level of physical fitness. For the club season we are currently offering these four levels of teams:

The ELITE Teams:
This program is for the athlete who has a strong desire to play volleyball in college. The athlete must be fully committed to making volleyball a number one priority over other activities. The members of our elite teams will travel out of state to National Qualifiers where they will compete against the top teams in the country.

The TOP Teams:
This program is designed for the player who may also have a strong desire or have an interest in playing volleyball in college. The athlete must be willing to make the sacrifices necessary for her/his progress and that of the team. While not quite as intense as the Elite Program, these teams are still very competitive. The members of our travel teams will compete in at least one National Qualifier. 

The SELECT Teams:
We offer these programs for the young athletes who want to learn the basic fundamentals of volleyball. These athletes may have interest in playing on their middle school or high school team and may have some interest in playing in college. These teams are ideal for the multi-sport athlete whose involvement in other sports makes it difficult to commit to a travel schedule. These teams practice two times a week.

The Gold Program is a club volleyball alternative for families who want to receive GREAT training but do not yet want to commit to a full club season because of time commitments, travel commitments or financially. Gold Program teams are offered for the beginner to intermediate volleyball player ages 13-16. Gold Program team placements are at the same time as club season tryouts. Gold Program teams will need to register and attend club season tryouts for their age group.

Team Selection

Teams are selected by a committee of coaches. The participants will be grouped into their proper age divisions. During the tryouts, the participants will be given instruction on technique and skills. In addition to evaluating their skill levels, we will also be observing how they perform in game situations. Some attributes the coaches look for are: attitude, athletic ability, desire, leadership, strength, technique/skill, and game sense. Keep in mind that players are chosen for teams according to the position they play.

During the tryout, participants will be called to talk to the coach who is selecting the team and they will be offered a position on their team. Please be aware that we MUST limit the time you will have to make a decision as a courtesy to other athletes. We will NOT HOLD or guarantee spots if you choose to decline the position.

Dues, Fees, and Financial Agreement

Upon accepting a team assignment, the parent/guardian must understand that is responsible for ALL fees due by the athlete. Top Select Volleyball cannot hold a place on a team without the deposit. Your dues/fees include, but are not limited to:
● Excellent training and coaching
● Tournament entry fees
● Administrative fees and office expenses
● Coaches’ salaries
● Coaches’ travel and lodging expenses
● Facility rental
● Recruiting for some teams (15U-18U)