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Positional Camp


PC # 1 June 1-2 Middle School Only /
Block-Attack, 1st contact pass, setters
PC #1 June 2-3* High School Only / Attack - Block

PC # 2 June 7-8 Middle School  /Block-Attack, libero, setters
PC # 2 June 7-8 High School /Block-Attack, libero, setters

PC # 3 June 16-17 Middle School /Block-Attack, 1st contact, setters
PC # 3 June 16-17 High School /Block-Attack, 1st contact, setters

Description of camp: This camp will focus on developing each position,  mastering skills,  and creating great habits. 

Location, footwork, hand contact, second ball attacking... 

Attacking and Blocking:
Footwork, approach, contact, timing...

First Contact:
Passing, digging, serve receive...

Time: 1-3pm

Max participants: 12 

Cost: $95

  • Additional Comments:

    • Athletic attire is required – T-shirt, shorts, kneepads and sneakers.

    • No backpacks

    • Bring water bottle (water fountain not available)

    • Come ready for your session (no changing allowed in the bathroom)

    • No spectators

    • Only 1 person allowed in the bathroom at once

    • Face mask policy -  Required in the facility

    • Reminders:

      • Do not touch your face

      • Sanitize hands before, during, and after sessions

      • Allow time for check in but do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes prior to your session

      • Once session ends, athletes will not be allowed to wait in the facility.


CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY- You MUST notify us at least 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund less a $5 cancellation/refund fee.

There will be no refunds once the camp has started.