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Mini Club Ages 8- 15

Mini Club practices for two hours, twice a week and participates in four one day tournaments and two in-house scrimmages.

Mini Club Cost includes:

  • Training
  • Coaches 
  • 2 Practice / Game Shirts
  • 4 One day tournaments
  • Scrimmages

Cost for the 2023 Fall Mini Club Program

10U: $540 

11-15U: $640

*Players must get a 2023-2024 AAU membership-cost $14.00.  Please go to  AFTER August 15 to complete the AAU Membership.

Club Code: W34Y89

2023 Mini Club Season

First Practice:  August 7th / 8TH


PRACTICE DAYS 6:00pm -8:15pm

Tournaments Dates:  
September 9th and 23rd / October 7th and 21

What is Top Select Volleyball Mini Club Season?

Mini Club is Top Select’s fall training program dedicated to our younger athletes.  Mini Club training focuses on the fundamentals of volleyball, training for the all-around player, physical aspects and overall team concepts.  Our program is designed to train players of all levels. We work with beginner and intermediate players to create a strong understanding of volleyball fundamentals as well as improve and develop more advanced athletes.  

Our Mini Club training has proven its success and is the foundation of our Academy.

Mini Club plays a huge role in the continuous development of our athletes.

Our Mini Club teams are created considering both the age and skill level of each athlete. The teams play competitive, local volleyball clubs and experience tournament-like competition. The goal for these players is to put them on the correct path to play at a higher, more competitive level during their school and regular club season. We love this part of our season because it lets us grow together as a program and reinforces our academy culture.


Registration Process:

1. READ Parent Handbook (CLICK HERE)


  • New to TOP SELECT or returning players but did not played with TS last season;

_you must sign up for a Sports Engine 

_will be prompted to upload a copy of birth certificate and

_Current AAU Membership Number, if no AAU Membership Waiver must be signed. All players must have New 2023-24 by August 16. 

  • Returning members will be asked for current AAU membership number during registration. All players must have New 2023-24 by August 16.






FAQ - Mini Club 2023

How many athletes to a team?
     There are 8-10 athletes per team. 

What are practice dates?

When is team placement?

What is the cost?
   Please keep in mind that cost will be dependent on the team that the player is placed and not necessarily her age (for example, if a 10U player is placed on an older team, your cost will be adjusted to the older team price by management):

  10U: $540
  11U-15U: $640

Are there any additional cost?
      Athletes will need to purchase a AAU Membership $14 after August 15th.
      Parents will need to pay for their entry fees to tournament venues and provide transportation to and from the venues.

      Athletes will also need to wear BLACK spandex to practice and for games.

Do you have to pay all at once?
    No.  $50 is due at registration and then 2 installments for the remainder (Aug/Oct).

How do I know what age group my child will play?
     They will probably play in their USAV guidelines for VOLLEYBALL age group but they may be moved at the discretion of the Club director depending on ability and experience.

What days are tournaments?
    They are listed above.  Athletes must be at the venue by 9 am and should be done with all play for the day by 4 pm.  Location vary by age for tournament location and will be different for every tournament.

How do I register?
    Click on the registration link on this page.

Do we offer scholarships or payment plans?
     At this time we do not offer scholarships for mini club but we do offer payment plans. 

What is the youngest age we accept?
     We usually start at the age of 8 years of age but we are aware that there are some youngsters that are very attentive, skilled and ready to participate at a younger age. Their is no hard rule its more about the child readiness than the actual age. 

What is the oldest age we accept?
    The athlete must be a maximum of 15 years of age.  The athlete can not turn 16 years old before July 1st of the following year.