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2021 Fall United League Tournaments

September 25th

Access teams and schedules by clicking on the tournament date.

  • Tournament locations and schedules are TBD and vary for each tournament. They are posted on the week of the tournament (Wednesday). 
  • Click on the tournament date to access the schedules and Top Select Teams.
  • Make sure player arrives 1 hour prior to 1st assignment.
  • Once there, team must stay together and players "belong" to their coaches.
  • Uniform: Game jerseys, BLACK spandex, kneepads, tennis shoes.
  • What can you expect at different facilities:
    • Spectator Entry Fee (at ALL United League locations) - Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Spectator Entry will be limited (depending on each facility guideline). Entry fee at all United League tournaments will be $8 each. Spectator age 10 & Under are FREE of charge.
    • Some facilities may require cash only, while others may only take credit card payment.
    • Each facility will have their own rules about chairs, coolers, and outside food being brought into facility. Most facilities will offer concessions, but they are not required to, and they may have limited choices.
    • Some facilities may have limited seats available, while others may have plenty and not allow you to bring in your own chair.
    • Each facility might have it’s own COVID -19 Guidelines, please make sure you go over those before tournament day, some might require you to sign a waiver. 

FALL 2021 United League mini-club FACILITY INFO

DME Sports Academy 2441 Bellevue Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32114 cash or credit card at door bleachers, NO CHAIRS ALLOWED N/A OPTIONAL CASH OR CC
Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association 8457 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256 cash or credit card at door bleachers, NO CHAIRS ALLOWED online waiver: athletes and coaches prior to Saturday September 25 United League. highly encouraged CASH OR CC/ NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED
Ocala Power United 1433 SW 15th Ave., Ocala, FL 34471 CASH ONLY at door bleachers and chairs provided available online and at door OPTIONAL snacks & drinks cash ONLY
Oviedo Volleyball Academy 532 S. Econ Circle, Oviedo, FL 32765 CASH ONLY at door bleachers, NO CHAIRS ALLOWED N/A OPTIONAL cash ONLY
Power Volleyball Academy 565 S. Lakeview Dr. Unit 120, Lake Helen, FL 32744 ONLINE Here is the ticket purchase link. bleachers, NO CHAIRS ALLOWED online w/ticket encouraged CASH OR CC
Top Select Volleyball Academy 1101 N. Keller Rd Suite D, Orlando Fl 32810 ONLINE - 20 spectators per team bleachers, limited seating chairs suggested online w/ticket REQUIRED CASH OR CC/ NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED
Vision Volleyball of Gainesville Faith Baptist Church, 3200 SW 122nd St., Gainesville, FL 32608 CASH ONLY at door bleachers and chairs provided N/A REQUIRED snacks & drinks cash ONLY
Winter Park Volleyball Club 2603 Ace Rd., Orlando FL 32804 cash or credit card at door chairs provided, NO chairs allowed N/A REQUIRED unless proof of vaccination CASH OR CC

2021 Fall United League Tournament Dates

Schedules will be posted on Wednesday on the week of the tournament. Access teams and schedules by clicking on the tournament date.

September 18th

September 25th

UL#2 Tournament Spectators Registration Link

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October 9th

October 30th -  @The Big House, Tavares FL

The Big House
1544 Lane Park Cutoff,
Tavares, FL 32778

General Information

Letter from Tournament Director

As we all know, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and are planning to do things similar to what we did last year. Please share this info with your coaches, teams and parents and remind them to be patient and supportive throughout this UL season. Each facility may have slightly different COVID protocols for masks, waivers, etc.

We are planning to use a format that will minimize the number of teams in each facility at one time. Most teams will play 3 matches in a row and be done for the day.

We will not be using "work teams" to be the R2, score, lines, libero tracker, etc. Each team that is playing will need to provide 1 parent to help at score table and 1 parent to call lines. We will be using the simplified United League score sheet, so parents will not need to have any prior score keeping knowledge.

The tournament host will provide a "qualified" referee for each match. This person MUST wear black or navy pants and white polo. Referees MUST wear face mask while officiating. It is suggested that they use an electronic hand whistle. There will NOT be a R2.

Sanitized Warm up and game balls will be provided by host. DO NOT bring your own balls to facilities.

In most locations

AM Wave will start at 10am

PM Wave will start at 2:30pm

Teams will play 3 matches that will consist of ONLY 2 sets to 25 points. They will NOT play a deciding game!

Teams will NOT shake hands at beginning or end of game and will NOT change sides of court between sets.

USAV rules will be used for all divisions with the addition of the following for the 10 & Under ONLY.

Serving rules for 10 & Under ONLY

Server may move up to 1/2 court for their 1st UNDERHAND serve. For their 2nd consecutive serve, they MUST move back behind 6 foot step in serving line. ALL OVERHAND serves must be from behind 6 foot step in line.

Liberos DO NOT have to wear official UL jersey, but MUST wear a contrasting color shirt. This can be a practice shirt, old jersey, etc.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Ricky Schultz

(407) 497-5542